Concrete Rose

Concrete Rose, written by Angie Thomas

Do you enjoy stories of personal growth and redemption? Do you like reading about authentic characters navigating real and relevant issues? If the answer is yes, prepare to get hooked on on this tale of love, friendship, and loyalty.

Seventeen-year-old Maverick Carter’s got a lot going on. Not only is Mav about to start his senior year of high school, he’s just found out he’s a dad. Although determined to live the straight and narrow and be a good son, father, and boyfriend, it’s hard to make ends meet on just a part-time salary. It’s even harder to quit slinging dope for the King Lords. But when a loved one is murdered, Mav must decide what matters most in his life.

Back in the day when I was little, teachers would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up. I’d say stuff like an astronaut or a doctor or a vet. But at some point, I stopped imagining myself as any of that. Ain’t no astronauts, doctors, or veterinarians around here. Everybody I know just tryna survive, and that’s all I wanna do.

Concrete Rose (Thomas, p. 262)

Concrete Rose is a story about what it means to be a young black man in America: Dad in prison. Single mom. Life in the projects. Teenage pregnancy. Gangs. Drugs. Gun violence.

But it’s about more than that, too. It’s a story about perseverance, hard work, and accountability. It’s a story about hope, family, and community. It’s a story about strength and resilience.

Written by Angie Thomas, author of The Hate U Give and On the Come Up, readers of Concrete Rose will surely root for Mav as he struggles to figure it all out.

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