Back to School Again

Today marks the first day of the new semester, so of course this song has been taking up space in my head.

You’re welcome.

Unlike in the movie, however, there is no unmasked, group-dancing in early-September sunshine to celebrate the occasion. It is February 2021, and we’re still learning from home in our Covid-quarantine bubbles almost a year later. If that’s not enough to make one go all “Jack Torrance” on the world, we’re bracing for an imminent snow storm here in the northeast.

Despite Covid restrictions, distance learning, and inclement weather, I am excited to get back to school. Only five classes separate me and a master’s degree in Literacy Education, Birth-12th grade. I returned to school in January 2017 as a 39-year-old nontraditional student and have spent the last four years growing emotionally and intellectually. Choosing to return to school was one of the best decisions I made. I am privileged to have had the opportunity and thankful for the tremendous support I have received from friends, family, and professors alike.

I hope you will stick around for the long-haul as I grow into my role as an educator and literacy specialist.

Be well.

Melissa with back-to-school essentials: hot tea and blue-light filtering glasses

Published by Melissa

I am a certified general education and special education teacher with a master's degree in literacy education. I currently co-teach 2nd grade in the morning and provide ELA and math instruction to a small group of 4th graders in the afternoon. I love my job!

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