The Chanel Sisters

Do you like stories that transport you to another time and place? Do you enjoy reading about bold women who challenge societal norms? If the answer is yes, then settle in for a tale of self-discovery, perseverance, and redemption.  

Orphaned at a young age and left in the care of convent nuns, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel and her younger sister Antoinette yearn for something more, something better than the simple lives for which they are destined. With nothing more than a needle and thread and their own ingenuity, the sisters painstakingly “sew” the beginnings of what would later become a fashion empire and household name.

“There’s a fearlessness in not letting the world tell you no. In putting yourself in front of those inclined to dismiss you. It’s difficult, convincing others to appreciate something so close to your heart that might be new or different for them. It takes determination, persistence, verve” (p. 265).

Spanning nearly three decades, the story chronicles Gabrielle’s and Antoinette’s many struggles, heartbreaks, and triumphs, both in business and in love. But always, throughout, they have each other.  

Whether or not you give much thought to clothing labels, you’ve undoubtedly heard the name “Coco Chanel,” and although The Chanel Sisters is a work of fiction, it is stitched together with facts and anecdotes from the sisters’ early years. Readers learn about the fashion icon, not through her own voice, but her lesser-known sister Antoinette’s. Theirs is a story about the bonds of family and friendship, of bucking tradition, of discovering joy and purpose.

Of creating something better.

The Chanel Sisters is written by Judithe Little.

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I am a certified general education and special education teacher with a master's degree in literacy education. I currently co-teach 2nd grade in the morning and provide ELA and math instruction to a small group of 4th graders in the afternoon. I love my job!

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