Why “Books and Bloom”?

Melissa as a young author

For several years now, I have been wanting to start a blog. But what to call it? While not the only factor holding me back—would anyone read what I wrote? would they even want to?—I’m embarrassed to admit that the lack of a title was an admittedly convenient excuse. In truth, I was standing on the edge of the blogging pool, nervous to take the plunge.


I’ve enjoyed a lifelong love affair with reading and writing. Teddy Bear Gardener, by Joan and Pheobe Worthington, is the first book I remember fluently reading by myself, and I recently hunted down and purchased a used copy for nostalgia’s sake. I began “writing” books at five years old, long before I was old enough to do much more than print my name. When I wasn’t watching Sesame Street or Mister Roger’s Neighborhood (or reruns of Perry Mason), I could be found sitting in front of the electric typewriter, transcribing the conversations inside my head one keystroke at a time. Of course, if anyone else happened to look at the page, all they would see was a continuous stream of letters. My personal word-scramble.

I also enjoy sharing and talking about the books I’m reading, which is another goal for this blog. Whether they are books for the classroom library, resources for teachers, or novels I read for pleasure, I will post them on this site.

“And Bloom”

This term has a dual meaning. Another of my passions is plants and flowers, and I often equate teaching to tending a garden, a metaphor I will expand on in another post. Where learning takes place, however, minds bloom. But “bloom” also refers to Benjamin Bloom, the educational psychologist responsible for developing Bloom’s Taxonomy, a hierarchical list of cognitive skills that helps teachers develop lessons and objectives that exercise students’ critical thinking skills. Because I am, as of yet, a newly certified teacher with limited classroom experience, the “and bloom” aspect of this site will have a lot of opportunity to, well, bloom. In the future, I hope to share the lessons my students and I are learning. In the meantime, I will share what I learned as a pre-service teacher and graduate student.

I do hope that whether you are the parent of a student, in-service teacher, or pre-service teacher, you will find value in these posts.

Published by Melissa

I am a certified general education and special education teacher with a master's degree in literacy education. I currently co-teach 2nd grade in the morning and provide ELA and math instruction to a small group of 4th graders in the afternoon. I love my job!

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